Contact Center Services

Although industry behaviors differ , basic customer requirements for contact center services still remain the same; These include Informative & Pleasant Interactions, Responsiveness, Helpfulness, Timeliness, and Resolutions etc.

RoyalCube factors in these base requirements into all our contact center processes by deploying customer-focused operations to drive customer satisfaction metrics across every process.

Handpicked Talent…

RoyalCube staffs our contact center operations with resources that possess skill-sets and personality types that are aligned to the customers need. For example: Persuasive agents to manage Sales Processes, Empathic agents to manage Service processes, Assertive agents to manage Recovery processes etc.

Process Excellence…

Our contact center operations incorporate service best practices and learnings that are transposed across all processes ensuring consistent service delivery irrespective of the delivery channel and locations.
These processes follow recruitment, training and operational workflows mapped to the customer requirements, that are monitored vigilantly to drive metrics and enhance service delivery.